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Backup: Mac or PC?

Haralee W.: We need a new computer. We use a Dell inspiron 1520 now. It is 4 years old and since we run an on line business we usually like a back-up computer in case the main one gets a virus or crashes. We have had 1 virus on this lap top which cost about […]

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Beats by Dr. Dre

Headphone Buying Guide

A few months ago, a couple of students in my class asked me to help them repair the wire to their ear bud headphones. I looked at them with a puzzled look, thinking why would they want to do that? So I told them the time it takes to fix a good connection between the […]

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Starting A Web Design Business

Lisa S.: How does one get into the web designing business? To be more specific, what should I study or what is the best software to use? Answer: I would suggest you focus on what the average person cannot do if you want to make it in the website design business. Today the average person […]

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C. A. Lettsome Services Now an Authorized Proctor for the ISCET

C. A. Lettsome Services is now an authorized test proctor for the ISCET (International Society of Certified Electronics Engineers) organization.  Electronics technicians interested in becoming certified can have C.A. Lettsome Services proctor any ISCET exam that they are interested in taking.  In conjunction with this, C.A. Lettsome Services also offers a Certified Electronics Technician Exam […]

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