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Dr. Clyde Lettsome is an Exhibitor for the SEM Link Career Fair

Dr. Clyde Lettsome, Ph.D., P.E., M.E.M., has been asked to participate as an exhibitor for the 4th annual Science, Engineering and Mathematics Link (SEM Link) Career Fair. SEM Link is a nonprofit organization, founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2005. The program promotes student achievement and career exploration in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and […]

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Dr. Clyde Lettsome Chosen as an Author for American Express Open Forum

Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome, Ph.D., P.E., has been asked to write an article for the American Express Open Forum.  Dr. Lettsome is known for his articles educating consumer and techies and making economical and logical sense of today’s technologies.  Now, American Express wants him to share his technical expertise with other entrepreneurs and business owners. […]

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Camera Geotagging

The Danger Behind Geotagging

As warmer weather and summer approaches, you are probably planning more outdoor activities.  You may be going on summer vacations or visiting theme parks, and your kids may be attending summer camps.  Along with all these activities, you will be taking pictures with cameras.  Taking pictures of these activities seem to go “hand in hand”.  […]

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How a Government Shutdown Can Hurt Some Unsuspecting Tax Payers.

If you have not heard yet, unless Republicans and Democrats of Congress come to some compromise, the United States Federal government will shutdown.  What does that mean?  Well the government will only provide essential services.  All other services will be halted until both sides can agree on a budget for the United States Federal Government.  […]

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