Archive | July, 2011

Staying On Top Of The SEO World

Izzy G.: Though I have studied SEO extensively and brought several sites, including my own, to the top of the search engines, Google keeps changing the algorithms and we fall off. How are we supposed to keep up? Answer: Sorry to say this, but you cannot. Not only are you trying to beat Google’s algorithm, […]

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Removing Rootkit Viruses

Dennard T.: Is there some program I can install to help for get rid of a rootkit virus?   Answer: Rootkit viruses are often difficult to remove because they are often to adapt and move to avoid detection and deletion. According to how sophisticated the virus is and the time the virus was installed, there […]

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Cheap, Fast And Good Cannot Coexist

Bill E.: My website was built on v1 of a shopping cart platform several years ago. It lacks the bells and whistles of something like shopify. My problem is that I lack the time, money, and technical skills to move it, and don’t want to hurt my search ranking. What should I do? Thanks.   […]

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Mitigating Sourcing Risk

Stephen B.: What are the risks you face when sourcing from China and what can you do to mitiate the risk? Answer: As you may know, some Chinese manufacturing facilities have made it to the headlines in the last few years for a number of negative reasons. Most often, they have made the news for […]

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