Real-time Software Access

Derrick H.: What affordable programs are available that will allow employees to input information simultaneously and have real time access to it?
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Answer: I hope I understand your question. Typically inputting information (writing) into software (same is true for firmware) while having real-time access (reading) is not allowed. If both occurred at the same time data/information may be corrupted. However, it is possible to have near real-time access with software that executes periodic saves and periodic refreshes (both occurring a set period of time apart from each other).There is not enough information in your question for me to understand the application for the software. Because of this my recommendation will be general and I will assume the software currently being used does not have version control in it. If you have data entry software and it is being accessed by multiple employees you can look into version control software. There are a number of open-source (FREE) version control software that allow multiple employees to input information if necessary while allowing others to access the last save approved version. You will find a few by doing a quick internet search. Hopefully one fits your needs. Good luck!

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