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Investing In Gurus

Chantay B.: Should small businesses invest in CFO’s, financial planners or guru’s? Is it worth it when you are a start up? Answer: Because small businesses typically have small budgets and a variety of positions to be filled, I would say no in most cases. For many small businesses, it is more important to have […]

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C.A. Lettsome Services as an Authorized Testing Facility for ETA-International

C.A. Lettsome Services is now an authorized Testing Facility for the ETA-International. Electronics technicians interested in becoming certified can now contact Dr. Lettsome and C.A. Lettsome Services to proctor any ETA-International exam that they are interested in taking. In conjunction with this, C.A. Lettsome Services also offers a Certified Electronics Technician Exam Prep course to […]

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Router Interference?

Velvea B.: Okay, I have connected my brand new router with no problem. The wired and the wireless connections were both working perfectly this morning and now the wireless connection is not working. Now, when I turn on the laptop and try to connect to the internet, the internet will not work. Any idea what […]

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Linking SEO To Website Traffic

Chantay B.: We are seeking increased traffic to our website and blog. Does SEO, meta tags, submitters, headings, google ranking make a difference? Answer: Yes, they do make a difference. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are usually used by people that do not know you or your business to find your website. In […]

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