Archive | September, 2011

Blogging On A Budget

Sheryl H.: I would like to have a low maintenance blog feature. Ideally contributors would be followers and respond to queries about Safe Global Youth Travel. They would upload their image and a link to their site would be automatic. Each multiple-response query would have it’s own page. See Dr. Shannon Reece as an example. […]

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Building Partnerships

John B.: What’s the best way to approach potential partners like LinkedIn, Craigslist, VRBO, Airbnb, dating sites, etc. about adding a feature?  Answer: Building partnerships with well known sites is not easy. One way to get their attention is develop your idea. Then, promote your idea in order to get users. The more users you […]

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Texting After A Disaster

Soon after the 5.9 magnitude earthquake on the east coast (epicenter at Mineral, Virginia) a few weeks ago, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) asked cell phone users in the earthquake region to use text messaging and email, instead of making voice calls, when contacting love ones to let them know they were OK. As […]

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Thin Clients

Michael K-N: What a good browser-based thin client? Answer: I must admit I have never purchased or done an in dept search on thin clients and the available options. My exposure to them has been limited to conversations with colleagues and the occasional article. Thus, when it comes to browser-based thin clients I have had […]

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