Archive | October, 2011

The Great Domain Registration Embellishment

Miguel T.: I got this email below. Could you help me with this and tell me if this is legitimate? ————————————– email ——————————————————————– My name is Mxxxx Mxxxxx and my company will be selling off the domain name that is similar to a domain and website that you already own so we are e-mailing […]

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Adding Style to a Facebook Profile

Sheryl H.: How can our upstart nonprofit get a cool Facebook profile using the maximum space without paying a designer maximum dollars? We like the No Social look feel. Using No Social is awesome if you have some of those assets already. We don’t.                  Answer: Making a cool Facebook profile page on a budget […]

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Customer Relationship Management

Ana R.: Currently we utilize Maximizer CRM to organize our client information. For Marketing purposes I find it very limited and don’t care for their customer service. For instance I would like the ability to segregate our niche markets from each other, highlight stages that they are and keep their info. in the forefront so […]

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