Adding Style to a Facebook Profile

Sheryl H.: How can our upstart nonprofit get a cool Facebook profile using the maximum space without paying a designer maximum dollars? We like the No Social look feel. Using No Social is awesome if you have some of those assets already. We don’t.
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM
Answer: Making a cool Facebook profile page on a budget is easy if you have just a little bit of artistic skill and basic understanding of html coding. There are three main areas where you can add a bit of style to your page: the profile picture, “the banner”, and a landing page.

The profile picture is usually reserve for a person’s, company’s or organization’s picture, logo, or mascot). Facebook changes the size restriction often so see their developer’s page.

Many Facebook users have used the 5 slots, on the profile page, designated for the most recent uploaded images to create a banner. You can do the same to reveal a banner for your organization.

The landing page (link to how to tutorial) is a way to make a first impression or to let visitors know about events or important information you want to highlight before they proceed to the rest of the profile. To make the landing page you may need an image, basic html code, and if you choose, html image mapping coding to allow users to link to numerous websites or pages from the landing page.

I suggest you view the profile page of your favorite companies to get ideas.

Good Luck!

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