Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome Evaluates Electronic Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

Our economy does not seem to be improving very quickly. Many people will have very small budget this holiday season. Still, electronics make excellent gifts for almost anyone, but they can be expensive. Over the next month, Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome will be putting together a list of electronic gift ideas for the budget conscious consumer for this Christmas. He is looking for companies to submit DATA (product description, product details, product image(s), amenities/options, replacement parts [example ink cartridge for a printer], product features, product technical specifications, energy consumption information, retailers that are or will be selling your product, suggested retail price, and warranty information) for their budget-friendly electronic products for this article. Once a product’s DATA has been submitted, that product’s pros, cons, and costs will be evaluated. His reviews will be posted on (also accessible via

“I would like to begin evaluating these items as soon as possible and have a complete review published by the Monday before Black Friday (November 21, 2011)”, says Dr. Lettsome. This way, shoppers can take full advantage of the review before shopping on the biggest shopping day of the year.”

If your company would like your company products to be considered, please contact us ( for more details.  If it is necessary,  non-disclosure documents can be signed. Dr. Lettsome has over 16 years of technical and professional experience. Using his technical, business, and education experience, Dr. Lettsome finds ways to cut cost while improving productivity for consumers and his business customers. Some of his other notable accomplishments include: •   3 time National Science Foundation Fellow •   Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) and Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) published author •   President of Calabrix Corporation when they were named one of the winners in the 2009 Office Depot “Survival of the Smartest” contests •   Outstanding Graduate Instructor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (top five graduate engineering and technology university according to US News and World Report Graduate School edition) • expert author •   American Express Open Forum contributor If you would like to connect with or read more of Dr. Lettsome’s writings, you may find more articles from him and read more about him at read his consumer blogs at

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