Archive | February, 2012

Changing A Light Source

thitchen007: Dr. Lettsome, Thank you so much for your video. I learnt a lot form it. Do you think a light from a red LED can activate your switch in your video “Light Sensitive Switch“? Or what kind of photo-diode do you think can do that job, i.e. activate a switch by a light emitted […]

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Making Multiple Offices Feel Like One

Amber R. : We are a nonprofit organization and are in need of services to allow our staff in different locations to work as if we were in the same office. What cost-efficient or free options are available to help make this happen? Answer: I wrote an article for OpenForum a few months ago entitled […]

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Cheap Email List Options

Jasmine H. : I want to start an email list as it will aid the success of my blog but all of the quality email list programs cost money. Can you recommend any free services?          Answer: There are a number of FREE options for starting an email list especially if you want to incorporate […]

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