To Form a Partnership, or Not to Form a Partnership: That is the Question.

Anonymous.: Hi Clyde,  I am a visual artist. A clothing designer would like to use some of my artwork on their clothes.  How should I structure the deal? Would you recommend a partnership?
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM




Answer: Hi Anonymous, In my opinion partnership is typically a bad idea. I would recommend you receiving some sort of royalty off every item sold with your art on it instead. In this scenario they may use your art but they should sell them on their own site or through their own distribution channel. Example: Let us pretend your favorite sports team’s logo was art and some clothing designer wanted to use the logo on their clothes.  The team most likely would not want to get into a partnership with the clothing manufacturer. Instead, they may give them a license to sell clothing items with their logo on it and either collect royalties on each item sold with their logo on it or set some sort of a flat rate to use the logo.I would not recommend you get any closer than that because they (potential partners) will typically have a different vision for their business than you would. Good Luck!

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