COVID-19 Updates for Clients: Georgia reopens starting today

Dear Clients,

As you may already know, per Georgia governor Brian Kemp, Georgia is reopening some businesses starting today. Despite the reopening, we are continuing to remain closed to serving clients from our office for non-emergency services. We are fully capable of providing most of our services from home (see figure 1 below) and will continue to do so until to protect you our clients.


Figure 1a: Home office engineering design station.


Figure 1b: Home office engineering prototyping and testing station.


Figure 1c: Home office engineering soldering and construction station.


Figure 1c: Home office local backup and networking closet.

We are continuing to encourage clients to use our electronic services as we continue to provide services from our homes. Our electronic services include:

  • Online chat from our website Online Chat
  • Online customer account management system from our website (click on “My Account”): Access your estimates, invoices, make payments, project files, support ticket system and more.Customer-Management-System
  • Hiring us remotely for large projects by e-signing contracts via our e-sign system link in your account. contracts
  • Electronic stamping for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing) drawings for commercial and multi-family property where allowed. 44148 Lettsome GA-Eng FINAL2
  • Contact us via phone 1-678-245-4614 and email info at