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Congrats! You started that small side business you have been dreaming about for years. You started it initially to make additional money on your off time. You got a few clients and things seem to be going pretty well, well enough that you think you might be able to turn this new venture into a full-time job. However this would mean that you need help. You will need someone (or others) to help  you advertise, bill customers, answer phones, deal with IT issues, follow up on late payments and most of all assist you with major tasks that are core to your business.

Well you take the plunge and bring others in to assist with your company growth only to discover one thing…..They do not have the passion for your business like you do. They do not advertise, bill customers in a timely manner, contact clients that owe, answer phones, and do not pay as much attention to detail of your core work like you do. Now you feel like you have more work because now you have to manage more everyday operations, remind assistants of procedure, as well redo incorrectly done work. But wait this is not all you have, you now have additional labor cost and you are further in an economic hole. How can you build a business like this? HOW FRUSTRATING! AHHHH!!!

Well this is where this Business-Productivity plugin for WordPress comes into play. B-Productiv is not a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The focus of CRMs are the end user, the customer. The primary focus in the development of B-Productiv is the improved productivity of your team. You set up tasks, alerts, step-by-step procedures, reminders, schedules and their priority levels and the B-Productiv plugin assist you by making sure these are done. It just does what you tell it to do when it should be done, no complaints. In essence, it is like the perfect office manager with the same passion for your business as you. It frees you up from many of the everyday indirect operations within your organization, improves communication among your team and allows you to get back to the core tasks of your organization. Even more……it helps you get back to making MONEY.

Be productive again and get positive results with one of our WordPress options below.

Details B-Productiv Lite
Best for small companies and firms with no departments and the following working relationships:
  • Executive & Executive Assistant
  • Consultant & Assistant(s)
  • Practitioner & Apprentice(s)
  • Entrepreneur & Assistant(s)
  • Entrepreneur & Contractor(s)
  • Researcher & Research Assistant(s),
  • and other similar relationships
Team Member Portal and Dashboards X
User Authentication X
User Password Updating Tool X
Password Reset Tool X
Team Member Personal Info Mgmt. Tool X
To Do’s Listing & Checkoff Tool X
Reoccurring Task Alerts Tool X
Price FREE