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Camera Geotagging

Opinion: Why Won’t Wireless Companies Help Stop Cell Phone Thefts

Again, the Europeans are ahead of US companies in protecting consumers. Years ago, after observing the increase in online banking fraud and identity theft, many European banks implemented various methods to reduce online banking fraud. For example, European online bank INGDirect (now owned by Capital One) implemented a web-based soft key pad anti-key logging method […]

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Texting After A Disaster

Soon after the 5.9 magnitude earthquake on the east coast (epicenter at Mineral, Virginia) a few weeks ago, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) asked cell phone users in the earthquake region to use text messaging and email, instead of making voice calls, when contacting love ones to let them know they were OK. As […]

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Incandescent Bulbs or Long-term Safety?

On July 12, 2011, the US congress had a hearing to repeal “the incandescent light bulb band” officially known as the Energy Independence and Security Act, that was signed into law in 2007. In the bill, lawmakers are phasing out the old incandescent light bulbs we have all grown up with (starting January 1, 2012) […]

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