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Help! My Site Has Been Hacked.

Steve Silberberg of Fitpacking: My site has been hacked twice. The first time several months ago, the attacker somehow added an advertisement to one of my deeply buried pages by adding a column to an existing table. This time, the attacker added a single line of code to my index page that called an ASP […]

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Used, Refurbished or 2nd Hand IT Hardware Equipment

Jason S.: What are the benefits to buying 2nd hand / used or refurbished IT network hardware? Answer: Anonymous if you have the ability to inspect second hand/used or refurbished hardware IT equipment prior to purchase, the benefits of them in most cases outweigh disadvantages. Today’s technology is extremely reliable, especially devices with no movable […]

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DSL stands for D-S-low?

Kevin M.: The speed on our office DSL is billed as 10 Meg service. During early morning we see 8.2 Meg, daytime 4-6 Meg, and in the evenings 700 kb – 1.5 Meg. We are in a residential area. Serviced by a sub-office box (SLIC) about half a mile up the road. I suspect heavy […]

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