Purchasing an Oscilloscope

Dennard T.: I really want to immerse myself into what I’m doing in electronics, and as much as I’d like to I can’t drive the 30 minutes everyday to school to use the lab, I would like to build my own Lab / Workshop at home. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations of Oscilloscopes …

C.A. Lettsome Services as an Authorized Testing Facility for ETA-International

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Dollars and Sense Behind the Best Buy’s Buy Back Program

A few months ago, Best Buy introduced their Buy Back Program. The general idea of the program is that Best Buy will buy back your old electronics when you are ready to upgrade. As everyone knows, technology changes so often. That means yesterday’s new item is today’s closet stuffer. On the surface, this fact makes …

Why Japan Disasters Are Bad For Tech Lovers and First Generation Adopters

Light Sensitive Switch

Demonstration of a simple light sensitive switch made with an op-amp configured as a comparator. Obtain schematics for Free at http://clydelettsome.com/blog/product/light-sensitive-switch/