Dr. Clyde Lettsome Receives a Commendation from work with ACE and the DoD

May 2019 Newsletter

Having problem reading this? C A LETTSOME SERVICES, LLC Engineering A Better World Latest Press Releases Dr. Lettsome To Serve on NCEES Computer Engineering PE Cut-Score Committee – Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome has been asked to and will serve, along with other respected licensed computer engineering professionals, on the NCEES Cut-Score committee. The NCEES Cut-Score …

Negative and Positive Voltage From A Dual Power Supply

In this video, I describe the proper way to simultaneously obtain negative and positive voltage from a dual power supply.

How to Set up and Use a Protek 3003B Power Supply

This video describes how to set the current limit and use an Protek power supply. Constant current and constant voltage are discussed. Use power supplies in dry areas away from flammable objects.

A Journey into Music and Sound Part III: Playing Music in Reverse and Increasing Volume

This video is part three of a series that looks at music and sound from a mathematical, science, and engineering point of view using Matlab. In this specific edition I discuss vectors, playing music in reverse, and increasing the music volume.