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Despite Flaw With iPhone’s iOS7, Use It

After feeling the pressure from law enforcement officials from many municipalities, Apple became the first major cell phone manufacturer to incorporate an anti-theft function (activation lock) in its operating system (OS). You may remember that I commented on the cell phone manufacturers and wireless providers resistance to help reduce cell phone theft (Opinion: Why Won’t […]

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Frugal Mobile Device Options

Richard K.: Want to get an inexpensive mobile device that I can use in WiFi (why isn’t USA into WiMAX?) areas, get apps, QR code reader, take concert videos with a front, not screen, camera. Want it frugal. Advice? Go with an iPod or Android? Answer:You would definitely have more options if you go with […]

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The iPhone Dilemma

Jacqueline G.: I am wrestling with the question of what kind of iPhone to purchase. There is a $50 version and a $200 version I am debating between. Currently I have an Assurance phone and Ive maxed out the amount Im spending a month on it and it doesnt make sense to keep it. Answer: […]

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