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The iPhone Dilemma

Jacqueline G.: I am wrestling with the question of what kind of iPhone to purchase. There is a $50 version and a $200 version I am debating between. Currently I have an Assurance phone and Ive maxed out the amount Im spending a month on it and it doesnt make sense to keep it. Answer: […]

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Solutions For A Telecommunications Dilemma

Loralee H.: I’m in a telecommunications dilemma. I need a cell phone with a data package, a land line, 1000 long distance minutes and high speed internet. I live in Canada and my telecommunications expense is higher than my car payment. Answer: I am not familiar with the telecommunications market in Canada. However if the […]

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Why Texting Makes No Sense

One thing I get hassled about all the time for by friends and family is not having text messaging (or SMS) on my cell phone. That’s right. I am probably one of the few cell phone subscribers in America that do not have a plan that includes text messaging or even the ability to text […]

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