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Help! My Site Has Been Hacked.

Steve Silberberg of Fitpacking: My site has been hacked twice. The first time several months ago, the attacker somehow added an advertisement to one of my deeply buried pages by adding a column to an existing table. This time, the attacker added a single line of code to my index page that called an ASP […]

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Cheap Email List Options

Jasmine H. : I want to start an email list as it will aid the success of my blog but all of the quality email list programs cost money. Can you recommend any free services?          Answer: There are a number of FREE options for starting an email list especially if you want to incorporate […]

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Starting A Web Design Business

Lisa S.: How does one get into the web designing business? To be more specific, what should I study or what is the best software to use? Answer: I would suggest you focus on what the average person cannot do if you want to make it in the website design business. Today the average person […]

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Blogging On A Budget

Sheryl H.: I would like to have a low maintenance blog feature. Ideally contributors would be followers and respond to queries about Safe Global Youth Travel. They would upload their image and a link to their site would be automatic. Each multiple-response query would have it’s own page. See Dr. Shannon Reece as an example. […]

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Cheap, Fast And Good Cannot Coexist

Bill E.: My website was built on v1 of a shopping cart platform several years ago. It lacks the bells and whistles of something like shopify. My problem is that I lack the time, money, and technical skills to move it, and don’t want to hurt my search ranking. What should I do? Thanks.   […]

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