Clyde Lettsome’s New Article on the Truth Behind Extend Warranties

Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome, Ph.D., P.E., , has written four articles published by His newest article is titled Extended Warranties: The WHOLE Truth. This article discusses the economic factors behind extended warranties, why sales people push so hard to sell you one, and how to get the most for your money. Dr. Lettsome gives 3 reasons why he feels there may be no need to purchase an extended warranty, and lets you know how you can get one totally FREE!

When I am shopping for electronic items and other consumer goods, the last thing I want to experience is being pressured into buying something I do not want”, said Dr. Lettsome. Now that I know the whole truth about warranties, I no longer purchase extended warranties. I want to share what I know with other consumers and help make their shopping experience more enjoyable also.”

Dr. Lettsome has over 16 years of technical and professional experience. Using his technical, business, and education experience, Dr. Lettsome finds ways to cut cost while improving productivity for consumers and his business customers. Some of his other notable accomplishments include:
•   3 time National Science Foundation Fellow
•   Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers and Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers published author
•   President of Calabrix Corporation when they were named one of the winners in the 2009 Office Depot “Survival of the Smartest” contests
•   Outstanding Instructor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (top five graduate engineering and technology university according to US News and World Report Graduate School edition)
• expert author
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