Engineering Reports

Technical reports are the primary written work products of engineers. In engineering, reports present facts and conclusions on designs, experiments, environmental conditions, equipment failures and possible improvements or benefits. These reports typically include:

  • research and experiments about technical concepts
  • visual depictions of designs,
  • data collected in the form of graphs and charts for easy analysis
  • models and simulations of environmental and/or equipment operating conditions
  • and cost savings, health and safety benefits

At C. A. Lettsome Services LLC, we experiment, investigate and develop reports to help stakeholders understand:

  • how a solution will fulfill a customer’s needs
  • how a proposed project will bring benefits
  • how a proposed project will protect or harm the public
  • how a design or equipment failed
  • how an engineering decision may affect costs
  • and the effect of a particular course of action or inaction

Audio & Noise Testing and Control Consulting

At C. A. Lettsome Services LLC, we assess basic sound level within standard commercial, educational, recreational, industrial or residential environments.  These basic sound level assessments include:

  • noise at work assessments,
  • basic environmental measurements,
  • entertainment noise,
  • industrial hygiene,
  • construction noise,
  • and vehicle noise.

Our services include testing soundproofing of walls, ceilings, and floors and other boundaries in buildings. We help clients understand whether noise levels inside from external sources like industrial, transportation, as well as from domestic premises are violating city or home owner association ordinances. For compliance purposes, we measure noise in a location where people usually hear the sound at a certain threshold distance.


Patent Analysis

Patent analysis to help gain an overview of competitors and developments in the areas of:

  • Signal, video, or image processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Computers

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