How Important Is Consistency and Adaptability?

Jill E.: The question I have for you is in regards to our office. Our designers are on Macs as are our developers, we design apps for iPhone, iPads, other smartphone devices but our admin is insisting on a PC. I am stuck, as I like consistency, fluidness etc.. although I understand her duties would be perfectly fine for a PC, we all have Macs and for her to have a grasp on what we are doing she really does need one, or not?

Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM
Answer: I am afraid there is no right or wrong answer that I can give you. However, I think I can lead you to the best answer for you.

  1. Like you, I love consistency for financial reasons. Consistency, when it comes to purchasing equipment, streamlines your operations. If you can use the same model equipment from the same manufacture, it is a money saver. This is the model Southwest Airlines used to help them become the success story in the airline industry. Before purchasing AirTran, they only had 737s in their fleet.
  2. I love employees and contractors that can adapt to changing conditions and that can work within my company culture. As you know the business changes quickly and having a team that can adapt quickly is golden.

Will this admin and a new PC for her add more to your business than a streamlined process and a flexible employee? The answer to this question will most likely lead you to your best answer. Good luck!

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