COVID-19 Update: Resuming Normal(ish) Operations on May 18

Dear Clients,

Our building owner and landlord are opening the building and floor for normal operations starting Monday May 18, 2020. Therefore, starting Monday May 18, 202o we will be resuming normal(ish) operations. What does this mean to our clients?

  1. Our office in downtown Decatur, GA will be open from 9:00am to 4:30pm.
  2. In office pre-scheduled consultations and meetings will resume between normal business hours.
  3. Hard-copy drawings and other documents can be picked up from the front desk receptionists on the second floor (Suite 200).
  4. All services requiring work-site visits will resume.

Despite resuming normal operations, employees and direct contractors of C. A. Lettsome Services, LLC* will be following recommended CDC and other Federal guidelines including:

  1. Practicing social distancing.
  2. Wearing face masks or other face coverings that cover the nose and mouth and encourage visitors to our offices and individuals at work sites to do the same.

We are encouraging you to continue using our electronic options (ie. your online account, agent chat, email and phone) for communications when possible.

Thank you for your patience during these tough times and please remain safe.

Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM
President and Lead Engineer

*Front desk receptionist, building security and other building personnel at our office are not employees or direct contractors of C. A. Lettsome Services, LLC.