The iPhone Dilemma

Jacqueline G.: I am wrestling with the question of what kind of iPhone to purchase. There is a $50 version and a $200 version I am debating between. Currently I have an Assurance phone and Ive maxed out the amount Im spending a month on it and it doesnt make sense to keep it.
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Answer: Ah yes, a question about iPhone. Ok, let me preface my answer by saying this, my views on purchasing phones are considered a bit extreme by most people. That being said, when I purchase a phone, it must meet my EVERYDAY needs and must be either free with a contract or as cheap as possible without a contract. The main reason for this is that the time between the introduction of a new phone model and its “next version” is usually very short. By the time a user gets accustomed to their phone, a new version is available. Furthermore, most users never use many of the features they pay for when purchasing phones.

My advice is this: unless the more expensive iPhone has useful features and better performance that you need in your everyday life, I would suggest you purchase the cheaper of the two. Invest that extra $150 in something that will increase in value. Good luck!

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