Blogging On A Budget

Sheryl H.: I would like to have a low maintenance blog feature. Ideally contributors would be followers and respond to queries about Safe Global Youth Travel. They would upload their image and a link to their site would be automatic. Each multiple-response query would have it’s own page. See Dr. Shannon Reece as an example. As a new nonprofit I don’t want to spend thousands chasing technology.


Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Answer: The best economical blog management system in my opinion for those on a budget is WordPress. With WordPress, you have two options. If you would love to host your own website and blog, you can EASILY install WordPress in a hosting space and have it up and running for next to nothing (WordPress is FREE). You can assign a number of users different roles (administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber). Some roles allow users to upload images, links, and blog. If you do not want to host your own blog, you can have your WordPress blog hosted at It has the same features as the self hosting version minus the hassle and cost of hosting.

Good Luck!

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