Effective Social Marketing Without Social Savvy Employees

Hollis Blume : If you are a small business without a social network savvy employee, where do you begin to learn how to best utilize social media to your marketing advantage? Is there a helpful website? Is it best to go to an agency specializing in social media?

Thanks a million!!

Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Answer: When you are beginning of course resources are low. I would suggest a do it yourself approach and there are many resources to help you. Here is how I would begin if I was in your position:

  1. Learn the difference between social media and social networking.
  2. Learn the basics of how to market yourself online using social media and social networking sites.
  3. Find a group of like minded individuals (entrepreneurs and/or bloggers) and find out what sites they recommend. You can find like minded individuals that are willing to share what they have learned on LinkedIn. A great group to join is the “the Blog Zone” on LinkedIn. Bloggers regularly self-promote their writings and website by using social media and social networking sites. Many have had success and are willing to share with others. Most will lead you to articles and Youtube video tutorials that they find the most helpful. Here is one tutorial that I have found useful.

Good Luck!

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