Frugal Mobile Device Options

Richard K.:
Want to get an inexpensive mobile device that I can use in WiFi (why isn’t USA into WiMAX?) areas, get apps, QR code reader, take concert videos with a front, not screen, camera. Want it frugal. Advice? Go with an iPod or Android?
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Answer:You would definitely have more options if you go with an Andriod mobile device than if you go with a mobile device that uses iOS (Apple). Also because of the number of options, you are more likely to find a less expensive device that meets your needs. Many of the apps available for iPhone are also available for Android devices including QR code readers. To find a device that meet your criteria and your price range, you can do a search at by adding keywords from your mobile device criteria (ex. “Android wifi camera video”). Change the list to order by price (low to high). I did a preliminary search and found that most of the lower cost options can be found at*.

B.T.W. WiMax is available in the USA. I know Clear Wireless provides WiMax in a limited number of markets in the USA.

*C.A. Lettsome Services is an affiliate of

Good Luck!

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