Question Regarding P.E. License

Paul B.:I came across your profile after I noticed you were a part of my colleague’s network. I was astonished by your profile, but there was one thing really stood out to me. Being in the field of communication/dsp, you were able to acquire your P.E. license. How did you acquire it? I am currently pursuing an MSEE with a concentration in Digital Signal Processing,and I am also interested in acquiringmy P.E., but along with taking the P.E. exam., one must work under a licensed P.E. for a number of years. So my question to you is what was your process and do you see a possibility in one receiving their P.E. working in a corporation?
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM
Answer: Thanks for the kind words. Acquiring a PE does not require you to work directly under a single person (PE). Rather, you must work WITH a professional engineer that can verify your skills, knowledge, and work. Therefore, you can work for a large corporation. As long as there is a PE there that you work with and that person can verify your work, skills, and knowledge you are ok.

As for how I obtained the license, I took the computer engineering portion of the PE exam. When I took the exam there was not a Signal Processing area specific exam. Since my strengths are in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Communications, it only seemed natural to take the Computer Engineering exam option.

Good Luck!

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