Happy Professional Engineers Day 2020!


What I did to become a licensed Professional Engineer*

  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an ABET accredited engineering program
  • Earned a master’s degree in engineering
  • Passed the Engineer In Training (EIT now the Fundamentals of Engineering-FE) exam¹,²
  • Completed three years of progressive engineering experience under two professional engineers
  • Demonstrated engineering ethics in practice (confirmed by my engineering supervisor)
  • Passed the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam¹,³

How I help with advance licensure now.

I serve on several committees and write questions for the

  • Fundamentals of Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering exam
  • Principles and Practice of Engineering exam – Computer Engineering exam
  • Principles  and Practice of Engineering exam – Software Engineering exam
*This was what I did. Please check your state’s requirements.
1. Passed on one attempt
2. This was an 8-hour exam on science, engineering, and math taught in a 4-year accredited engineering program.
3. This was an 8-hour exam on practical and theoretical engineering problems.

More information on why PE licensure.