The Great Domain Registration Embellishment

Miguel T.: I got this email below. Could you help me with this and tell me if this is legitimate?
————————————– email ——————————————————————–
My name is Mxxxx Mxxxxx and my company will be selling off the domain name
that is similar to a domain and website that you already own so we are e-mailing
you to see if you are interested in obtaining this new domain for your business needs.
Below you will find a link where you can leave your contact details and offer and one of our
sales agents will be in touch with you as soon as the domain is ready for transfer:

Your offer would be a one time payment, no new website or hosting account would be needed,
you can simply redirect the new domain to your existing website and this would quickly and
simply bring new traffic to your business. The offer is for full ownership and control over the domain and there are no hidden costs involved just the annual 10$ registration with the domains registrar. Sorry to bother you if this does not concern you.

Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Answer: The company that contacted you may be a domain broker. I did some research (via to see if they actually owned the domain name as they stated and they do not. Based on the domain information, the previous owner has not renewed the domain name which expired in August of 2011. Usually if a name is not renewed on time, a redemption period of between 30 and 90 days is granted to the previous owner. After that period, the domain name will be up for grabs. However if someone places a back order on it, they get it as soon as the redemption period expires. If more than one person places a back order then an auction occurs and the highest bidder wins.

The broker that contacted you is simply saying they want to place the back order for you and represent you if an auction occurs. However, again they are lying to you by telling you they own the name.

If you want the name I suggest you contact your registrar. They should be able to help you back order the name and represent you in an auction if one occurs.

Good Luck!

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