Building A Quality Email Subscriber List

Kenny K.: What is the best way to build a quality email subscriber list on
a budget?
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Answer: I do not know the best way but I do have a preferred ways. As a way to promote my business, I often do seminars, talks, free classes, and presentations. I prefer to build a subscriber list from willing attendees. I simply pass a subscriber signup list around to the attendees. This way I know everyone on the list wants to subscribe. I have not done this yet but you can. Create a form on your website where visitors can willingly sign up for your email list or newsletter. That form should deposit their information into a database that can be easily accessed in the future. Additionally, if you have not done so yet, consider social media and networking sites as an addition to the email subscriber list. Followers, fans, and subscribers on those sites can be easily accessed and are willing to receive your messages.

Good Luck!

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