Backup: Mac or PC?

Haralee W.: We need a new computer. We use a Dell inspiron 1520 now. It is 4 years old and since we run an on line business we usually like a back-up computer in case the main one gets a virus or crashes. We have had 1 virus on this lap top which cost about $200.00 to remove and restore. Should we buy a Mac or keep with a PC?
Clyde A. Lettsome, PhD, PE, MEM Assumption: Without knowing what you use your computer for, I will assume that the software needed to run your business is available for both Mac and PC.

Answer: It is true that there are less viruses written for Macs than there are for PCs. Therefore a Mac will be less susceptible to viruses. Although this is true, if you are vigilant computer user that updates your virus protection, secures your passwords, avoids suspicious emails, protect your network and avoid downloading files from sites you do not trust, you can avoid most viruses.

If you plan on having a backup too your PC however, in almost all cases, the backup cannot be a Mac. When software is made it is done in an integrated development environment (IDE) for particular operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux/Unix). The software that is made will only run on a computer running that operating system.
Given both points above, I am saying stick with PC unless you are ready to buy two Macs.

Good Luck!

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