Soldering and De-soldering Electronic Components Part I

In this video I demonstrate, how to solder and de-solder electronic components to a PC board.

A Journey into Music and Sound Part II: Matlab IDE and wavread

This video is part two of a series that looks at music and sound from a mathematical, science, and engineering point of view using Matlab. In this specific edition I discuss the Matlab development environment and using Matlab to extract data from a .wav file.

Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome Awarded Senior Membership From IEEE

We at C. A. Lettsome Services are pleased to announce the acceptance of Dr. Clyde Lettsome as a senior member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The IEEE is the world’s largest professional society dedicated to the advancement of technology. To be eligible for a senior membership, an individual must: be an engineer, …

iPad2 vs. Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet. Which is Right for You?

Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome Evaluates Electronic Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season