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C. A. Lettsome Services Increases its Professional Liability Coverage To Add More Security for their Customers

C. A. Lettsome Services, LLC has recently increased its professional liability insurance coverage.  With the growth of our business and the new services offered to our client, we at C. A. Lettsome Services felt that an increased insurance coverage would better protect both our clients and ourselves. “It is always important to prepare for that […]

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Starting A Web Design Business

Lisa S.: How does one get into the web designing business? To be more specific, what should I study or what is the best software to use? Answer: I would suggest you focus on what the average person cannot do if you want to make it in the website design business. Today the average person […]

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American Express Open Forum

New Article Published in American Express’s Open Forum

Dr. Clyde A. Lettsome has gotten another article published in American Express’s Open forum. The Open Forum is a place where small business owners and other professionals can go to get information and exchange ideas.  When Dr. Lettsome’s first article received an unusual amount of traffic, it piqued the curiosity of the website administrators. They […]

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Investing In Gurus

Chantay B.: Should small businesses invest in CFO’s, financial planners or guru’s? Is it worth it when you are a start up? Answer: Because small businesses typically have small budgets and a variety of positions to be filled, I would say no in most cases. For many small businesses, it is more important to have […]

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